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I Wish I Was Into Make Up…More Then I Am

I wish I was into makeup more then what I am. I see so many girls and ladies who are so great with makeup and are so good at putting it on. Like my step daughter, she is so matriculated with her makeup… It’s actually funny and admirable to watch.

My daughter is more like me…hehehe…not as good with makeup, but she doesn’t need it. I know I’m her mother but she is a natural beauty!!

The only makeup I can put on with a decent outcome is a basic eyeliner, mascara, rouge, and lipstick or lipgloss. Even when I put on lipstick. After 30 minutes to an hour it looks horrible on me… hahaha… It may be my ADHD (yes I have the diagnose) that keeps me from learning cause it takes time and I am impatient?

But sometimes I like to watch youtube videos on how to put on makeup for beginners and admire their skills.

I seldom think about this but sometimes I do… there is so much going on in my mind…

What do you think about when you let your mind wander?


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