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I Have Always Wanted To Start A Podcast…

but before there was podcasting…

…I wanted to start my own radio station…through the years I had many ideas but never had the gut’s to go execute on them. Was it guts or the fact that I came up with one idea and then another and then another and was way to busy coming up with ideas, not writing them down and forgetting them as time went…hmmmm?🤔

Anyway, then there was podcasting and ever since that came into existence I have wanted to start a podcast and guess what……

Squirrel Boom I went and started one

Looooord!!! I can’t really believe I did it, and I didn’t plan it!

I just really wanted to start a podcast like forever but never started because I didn’t, and still don’t, think I have anything to talk about but I went ahead and started one anyway.

What’s the podcast about? It’s about ADHD (duh) and entrepreneurship…ADHD I have, and entrepreneurship I have always thought myself as an entrepreneur (never done well in traditional work), what better than to start  podcasting about the two things I feel I have some knowledge about?

All you hear about online today is all the stories about people who just started something and then this something just grew. I am hoping this will grow as well, I am hoping I can create something that will help and benefit others who are struggling like me. I hope I can spread knowledge about ADHD, there are so many people out there that have it and so many people who don’t understand what ADHD is…not even people who have it, like myself!

So I decided while on my podcast that I will ear it on Wednsdays from 9 am EST (Eastern Standard Time) which is 3 pm CEST (Central European Standard Time) while my kiddo still is in daycare 😉


What prompted me to jup in and just start a podcast was a webinar I was listening to inside MLSP.

To tell you the truth I have signed up numerous times with MLSP, why so many times, well because I have litterarly forgotten about being signed up and changed emails and found new sponsors that I have liked, sigend up with them…yeah and the story goes on! But the truth is, I LOVE MLSP, they have wealth of information and done for you leadpages and I always come back to it…hehehe…Anyway, I went of on a long tirade here. Sorry!

 However, this time I have set up so that I don’t forget and don’t miss out! and if you would like to check it out you can check it out for 10 days for only $10


My podcast 😀 Yeah, so now that I have started this podcast I really look forward to see how it goes and of course I hope it goes well…

I will eventually, have guest speakers (I hope), and other people who have ADHD and accompying disorders come on and tell about their struggles and achievements with ADHD and entrepreneurship and their relationships with people around them.

This is what I am hoping for, what happens we got to see 🙂

To catch my first ever episode (and only episode…for now 😉 Click This Link – Happy Listening…lol

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