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My Fiance’s son “Peter”

Today is Friday, Feb. 23 and today has been a pretty good day for me! With a little cloud caused by my fiance’s son “Peter”
Today I got up early, got my son in daycare by 08:30… AMAZING for me! And the sun is shining 😀
Then I drove my man to his workout drove home, did some work on my website, figured out how I could get my minuscule amount of Bitcoin transferred to 💲 then transferred to my Neteller Mastercard!!! Pretty awesome!
Ok, so this weekend is our weekend to have my fiancee’s son. I don’t know what to call him in English. In Norwegian, we have a word for someone you live with and it’s called “samboer.” There is no word for it besides “Cohabitation” and that doesn’t right either. Anyway, Peter is 7 and he is a very spoiled boy… his mother has no idea how to teach him proper behavior. She has admittingly said she can’t say “no” to her son although she “knew” she had to?? He is the boss of his mother’s house! A story for another time. His father (sorry to say is my fiance) isn’t much better.
So the story is, my son “Lukas,” who is 3 years old and his half-brother were sitting on the couch. My fiance’s son “Peter” is so freaking spoiled that he starts whining followed by angry crying. It all started with my son complaining about Peter’s foot touching his. So his father asks Peter to stop and so Peter goes into a hissy fit, crying about going to his mom because it’s quieter there and he is left alone and gets what he wants!!! He is not nice to his little brother, who you need to remember is my son, so my loyalty goes to my son! I maybe will go in-depth of this at a later date but for now, I’ll leave it at “it’s complicated…at least for me and my ADHD brain!
Anyway, my son went upstairs and was calm about the whole thing. My son talked to me and puzzled with his puzzle and said some words to the tune of ” my brother is upset.” That was it.
Yea so the night ended with Peter going crying to bed screaming his head off. “I want to go to mommy, I don’t like you guys, Lukas is so noisy, I don’t want a father…and the list goes on. and his dad reading him a bedtime story!!
Yes, I have a secret, well it’s not a secret but I have a surveillance camera in the livingroom…how do you feel about that? Do you have one? I only have it on when his brother is here because they argue so much and my son’s father NEVER stands up for our 3-year old!!
My fiance is one of the people who always includes both the boys when his older son does something that isn’t right or that is nagging or wearing…I hate that shit!!! Like if one is to blame then one is to blame, not two!!! If “Peter” does something and then “Lukas” follows and mind you “Lukas” is 3 years old, their father gives both the blame! How fucked up is that!!! This is not a question, it’s a statement! I argue with him about it a lot and he never admits he does it. It’s so frustrating!
However being in a relationship with his, mine and our kids is hard, and I never wanted it but I got it and such is life. Just keep in mind:
For me, my son comes before my fiancee and his son! 
Child comes first
But I keep asking myself how can one have a family when the kids are so splattered. He has 3 kids with 3 different women, ages 20, 7 and 3. I have two, ages 20 and 3!?

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