My Life

Sunday 10.01.2016

Well, today we went to Badland in Råholt. Fabian enjoyed himself tremendously and on the way home he knocked out after 3 minutes of driving….lol….he is so cute, the cutes little boy ever!!!


Then we had my mother-in-law with her husband over for dinner. We ate Lutefisk a Norwegian traditional dish which I have tried before but I just can’t like it… just won’t grow on me. Even looking at the fish makes me want to gag!!!

I have also done a little research on online stores, on how to start an online store. This year I really want to start an online store, an online business along with my brick and mortar business.

So now it’s bedtime….I need at least 7 hours to sleep at night to be a functional human being….

So nite nite,


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