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Improve Your Creative Thinking

Improve Your Creative Thinking

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You know there might be times you find yourself lacking in creativity, the question then becomes, how do you improve your creative thinking? No worries – it’s nothing serious, the lack of your creative thinking can be for different reasons. It could be you haven’t been using your creative muscles regularly and they’ve become hidden (like they have with me 😓).

There are many tricks you can use to improve your creative thinking.

I have been told (partly experienced on my own) that one of the best ways to keep yourself inspired to create every day is to have rituals in place that you use regularly and routinely (do you now understand why I said partly?).

Having routines that inspire you conditions your brain to tap into your creativity easily. Here are some examples I have tried myself and would be great if I could manage to actually make them a routine:

  • Read in the morning 📖.
  • Listen to music every day 🎧🎶.
  • Meditating for 5 minutes 🧘☯️(this one is new for me and so far so good!)
  • Deep breathing throughout the day 😤.

Create Something Every Day

Creating something every day, even if you only have 5 or 10 minutes to do so (I go for the 5 minutes), keeps your creativity alive and inspired.

You don’t have to create a masterpiece…

Write a short article… Not like me, I keep starting books that I never finish!

Draw mind maps in meetings, or create a bullet journal (like my very first bullet journal or a drawing book 😉 

Develop new product ideas…Hmmm….

Creatively re-arrange and organize your files…. a never-ending task on my end!

Take photographs of the sunset…ohhh…I have 1000s of photos in all my phones and on all my google accounts…it’s so much fun!

Take breaks often…Check.

Especially when you feel stuck with a problem and can’t find the solution. Taking breaks allows your mind to focus on something else while getting inspiration.

It’s also good to take a break from all the digital chatter in our lives regularly…Now that is a lesson I still need to learn!

Get outside and unplug at least once a week, preferably daily, to build your creative thinking muscle.

Make A List For Your Creative Thinking

Scribbling in notebook

Whenever you feel inspired, make a list of those ideas in a small notebook or note app in your phone, not like me, on whatever paper you find which you then, in turn, remember you threw away because you had written your inspiration on the back but when you threw it out all you saw was an old receipt you no longer need!!!

Use these ideas as launching pads for new ways of doing things, new products or whatever inspires you.

Have fun regularly. Go out with friends or colleagues for some time away from the routines that are keeping you stuck. I personally have to get better with this one when it’s “safe” again!

Laughing, good conversation and bouncing ideas off each other builds and inspires your creativity while helping you relax and have fun. Now that has to happen over the world wide web

The “Three Ifs”

Stones with writing

Use the “Three Ifs” to ask clever questions to inspire your thoughts on a concept. Build your creative thinking by asking questions like these:

  • What would happen if I change it (the object, system, etc.)?
  • What would I change or improve about it if I wanted to use it in 10 years?
  • What would I do if I had a one-million-dollar investment to improve it?

These questions or ones like them can be powerful tools to help you think differently. Repeatedly use the three questions test in all types of situations. Ideas will begin to flow and enable you to think more creatively. I used to do this more before my stroke…I think?

Take advantage


of the peak hours that you feel most productive and creative when you need to find a solution.

Some people are more creative during times of emotional stress. Whatever that time is, use it to let your creative juices flow. Put on some music, surround yourself with inspiring things and just be creative.

Interact (via the internet now) with creative and inspiring people on a regular basis to get fresh ideas and perspectives.

These interactions and exchange of ideas can help you re-focus on the creative ideas that work best for you and help you narrow down your options.



don’t be afraid to take risks to improve your creative thinking. When you avoid taking risks you end up suppressing your ideas. Just don’t do it, I have done it and it’s no fun!

Risks give you permission to think outside the box and embrace your creative ideas. Some people are more creative than others, naturally. But everyone can be a creative thinker. Build your creativity in ways that help you be inspired and creative all the time.

I need to get my creativity back on track again…before it’s too late! 




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