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Another Week Has Passed By!

Yet another week has passed by and what have I done?

Not much, to tell the truth. Last Tuesday I went to meet with someone about my business plan, which ended up being a positive experience.

I went to school on Tuesday, my class “media theory” had someone from a media house in Norway come in and have a presentation about the #metoo campaign and the impact it has had in the Norwegian culture. Which was interesting. Another fun fact about that Tuesday is that next to me sat one of the main actresses in a Norwegian TV series called “Unge Lovende” I had a little chit-chat with her. She was actually very friendly! Which I hadn’t had the impression of earlier.

The rest of the week pretty much went the same as usual. I shoveled snow.


I made  Oatmeal waffles for my son. They were actually really good!

Some of the ingredients I used. Oatmeal, of course, milk, egg, sugar, natron, and buttermilk….yum


For Friday my son dressed up as Superman, they had dress-up day in daycare.

Saturday I went to watch my fiancee dress up as a clown for a Norwegian TV-show called “Alle mot 1” Why they wanted a clown in that show is beyond my understanding but I guess someone thought it may be funny? Even without him saying…shit??


and We are back to Monday…blah

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