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Pissed Me off

Okay so he pissed me off yesterday-I got pissed off-I had a moment! So we were supposed to go eat dinner at K’s mom’s home. Before we left, K made a comment about me and his daughter to bring the step machine inside (it was standing on our porch). I said ok and I said to her “if you want to bring it in now we can bring it in?”. We proceeded to bring the step machine inside. However, as we were bringing it in from the porch I didn’t really get a good. However, in my head, I was thinking “once we get it inside I can get a better grip.”

Our porchdoors.

Now K saw this…

…and immediately burst out “oh my god this doesn’t look good, you will destroy the house… I’ll do it for you-you’re about tear down the house” and pretty much just took the darn thing out of my hands. So yes I got pissed off because he was being sort of condescending. He then continued to bring the step machine downstairs with his daughter and that just kind of pissed me off.

Step-Machine The step machine that was on our porch. This picture is taken the day after the “insident”

As they were bringing…

…it down, I was listening in the doorway to see if heard any difference in his tone of voice speaking to his daughter. I heard it, he was not as harsh with her. He was not as annoyed with her as he usually is when I help. K is usually really sarcastically “funny” commenting my “wrongs” with me. He does that with everybody, he doesn’t like straight-on-conflicts.

That just put me…

…off I got so pissed “I’m not going to dinner to your mum’s” I thought as I felt the anger build up inside. I just knew that I couldn’t go. Because I have trained myself through the years to keep the anger inside. My mom did NOT allow us to get angry and voice our anger (so yes, I also to a certain point dislike conflicts). I said “I’m not going”. Of course he had to comment his usually – every time I get pissed or annoyed – comment “you are so unstable”. He then preceded to say: “your so unstable so maybe you should just stay home”, with a really annoyed tone!

So once they had left, I packed my pc. Wrote my brother who is visiting from Thailand, that I was coming to see him. He lives with his bigger brother, my younger brother when he is in Norway, and left.

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It just gets me…

…so pissed when he talks to me like a child and especially in front of others! Yes, I have ADHD. Yes I recognize that it is hard for others to deal with. The sad part is that in couples where one has ADHD there is a tendency to develop a parent/child sort of relationship. However, talking and treating me like a child in front of his daughter really irks me.

His daughter does HARDLY anything. She will sometimes bring our son home from daycare (she sometimes works in his daycare through a temp service). Sometimes watch him and sometimes bring him to daycare but other than that, she does nothing!!! She is perfectly normal, nothing diagnosed or wrong.

I just got so pissed I had to cool off so I went to my brother and winded up going out with him as his wingman or should I say wingwoman…I was home at 12:30am

Being in a relationship is hard and being in a relationship with ADHD is really hard, sometimes I really think I should be alone with me and my ADHD!!! 😞

Did I have the right to get so mad? I don’t know but being treated like a little kid by other grownups and especially by my significant other in front of his 21-year-old daughter just pisses me off!


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