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On My Way To Industry Rock Stars


So the day has finally arrived, I’m on my way to the industry rockstar event…

This is going to be interesting, I have never been to anything similar before, neither have I slept in a room with total strangers either!!

I must admit that living in a hostel like this where I share with strangers frightens the shit out of me at the same time is freaking exciting!!!😱🤢😰

Right now I’m waiting for the bus, U found the cheapest transportation ever…Flexbus it’s called…😆

Supposedly it’s luxury of budget prices


It’s a double-decker bus and😁 I got a seat in the front on the 2nd floor.


Finally here and managed to find my way through the maze of stores and public transportation…

T-Centralen Stockholm

Here in Stockholm they use something similar to Norway for their transportation which is a public transportation card, you buy the card (unfortunately I don’t remember how much it costs but it wasn’t much) and fill it up and you have 1 hour to ride any transportation, you can change from bus to train, to underground in that 1 hour without having to pay for each transportation.

på t-banen

On the T-bane on my way to the hostel.

I found it, here lays Hostel Acco. Doesn’t look too nice.

Hostel Acco

Acco Hostel

Acco Hostel

Acco Hostel

Acco hostel entrance

Acco hostel doormroom

Sharing the room with 3 older Chinese women (the first night)

So now I’m going to bed if I am to get up tomorrow 😴😴

Monday June 18-2018

Well I have to write about it later, right now we are on our way to Korfu, Greece for only $490 (trip, hotel and transfer to and from the airport to the hotel…for 3 people…) mind you it’s unspecified – part of the excitement 😅

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