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Another Day Goes By(e)

So yet another day goes by and I haven’t done squat, and I had plans, I have plans!! 

Hubby and kid have left on a 4 day trip to Sweden and I am home trying to get shit done!

I honestly DON’T get this time management thing… every time I try, I end up using so much time on…what…getting nothing done 😔.  

Not completely true, I got somethings done but not the things that matter for my progress.

Now it’s 11:30 pm in Norway and I am sooooooooooo freaking tired, I want to get up early tomorrow and get my day started! Let’s see if I manage 😟 I really want and NEED to master time management!!


I have to say I really admire women who get so much done in no time, they must be from another planet because, when I read about them I’m left with a HUGE ??? I have been in school my whole life for this but I have failed misrably

super mom

Ok, I got to get to bed now if I’ll have any chance at even waking up at a reasonable time tomorrow.


Good Night.

I will leave you guys with a bedtime poem from me: night is dark, the day is light. Let me sleep so I can shine!


hahahahahahahahahahhahaha….more…..hahahahahahahahaha….my attempt at poetry 😆😂🤣😂😆 


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