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Road trip to Italy Summer 2018

On our way, starting of happy, let’s see how it ends 😂 😂

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Well, we got off the boat at 22:00(10pm) after a 45 min delay. Since this is a last minute decision vacation we didn’t book a campsite since we figured we could find a place along the road…a stupid idea, we found none. It turns out Denmark has no signs along the roads of any camping sites, B&B or any kind of sleepover. And while we were looking online from the car every place we called closed at 10pm!!

So we drove to Germany…turns out the same goes for Germany. So we just keep driving… Tried to stop a few places to rest but every time we stopped the little boss put on a screaming symphony!! So we had to keep driving and checking every sleepover we could find on the net and no places opened before 08:00 (08:00am)😱😫

After 11 hours on the road, we finally found a place. The place is called Spiegelburg Camping und Gasthaus

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Yet another great day. We left Hunn.Münden and drove to another camping place called Camp Öschlesee which is another quite nice camping ground.

Here is a picture of the area that was hanging in the reception.

We found our spot and went swimming in the lake you see in the pictures.

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So the time is 09:30 am and we are on the road again… packed really fast after tonight’s rain showers, thunder and lightning!!

So now we are headed towards Italy but first a drive through the Austria. Here are pictures taken from the car.

I am SOOO happy we took this trip, I love camp life ❤️

And to drive in Austria you need a green sticker in the front window of your car or else you can be fined anywhere from €300 – €3000.

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DAY 5 Morning

So I have no pictures of our last stay. I totally forgot…wait, I have pictures of my son at the playground…the place didn’t impress me at all.

It was very impersonal and they had small boths for the caravans, tents and camping cars and an unspeakable amount of mosquitoes 😱 The camping 🏕️ is called Campeggio Città do Bologna…You will need a GPS to find it…just saying.

So now we are on the road again and this time the destination is Roma…YAYAY…I can’t wait 😁😀 Also, tonight we are sleeping in a hotel❤️😍 Can’t wait for that either 😅

Don’t get me wrong, I love camping and I would do this every year if possible but there is something about sleeping in an already made bed after days on the road with setting up and taking down a tent ⛺

So we found the B&B Relaise Del Fico and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It was clean, big and right in the center, walking distance to everything 😊

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DAY 5 Afternoon

You have to go to really get an impression, also there were to many people there to get a really great picture, I will have to go on an off season for great pictures.

Amazing to belive that these monuments were build at a time where there was no machines to help!!!

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Finally got to Guardia Piemontese and had breakfast at our B&B called Rodian  😍 I took many of the same pictures there so I am only going to show a few here.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”7″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]Rest of the trip was driving back to Norway so each picture below follows the first ones with text under the pictures 🙂

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