And why did I call my blog “What A Life Kish!” ?” The answer is pretty simple. I didn’t want to call it anything with “mom” in it and I didn’t want to call it anything with “affiliate” in it. I am 44 years and my life feels like turmoil… Why does it feel like turmoil? Answer below. 

So where, what and who am I? Let’s start with who am I. Well I am of the female race, I am 44 years old and I am a mother of 2 beautiful kids. One girl and one boy. I was 24 when I had my daughter, and I was 40 when I had my son. I still want another kid but it’s not happening. I am together with my son’s father, so I also have two other kids. He has a daughter and a son from before so together we have 4 kids 🤪.
However, I am more than my kids. I am a woman who got diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 39. I had a stroke at the age of 36. I grew up in Norway, moved to NY at the age of 26. Moved back to Norway at age 38. 
Being diagnosed with ADHD has brought a lot of clarity to me in terms of my social interaction, behaviors through the years and all-in-all my life…! 
My childhood, well just let me say: Be very careful with what you say and how you talk to your kids. How they react and how they live their life comes down to their personality, how you treat them, words you use when talking to them, how attentive you are to them and how well you are at treating them not as an extension of yourself but as his/her own identity and with respect!
So over to what I am, I am a woman who has never taken my role as a human being and a mother very seriously. I have always lived inside my head, my own bubble while having one foot outside…if that makes any sense? 
At this very moment, where am I?  I am on a quest to learn more about ADHD and how it has and is affecting me. I am also on a quest to find myself. I want to learn how to live and love my ADHD life medical free! I want to become happy through self-development, mind change and affirmations. I realize now this may NEVER work because ADHD is a chemical imbalance  I also want to create a life of travel. I LOVE to travel!
Is this what will make me happy and whole? I don’t know! So if you want to follow me along as I reveal more and more of my past, my present, and my future, you are very welcome to do so.
So the question: WHERE, WHAT AND WHO AM I? has not really been answered but I hope it will become more clear for me as I go along.
I started this blog in case there are others out there who will recognize and relate to my life, and maybe through my blog can be of any kind of help to anyone out there…and if not. I also started this blog for myself, for relief and self-therapy!

So Welcome to  What A Life Kish!

Me and my fiancee in May 2013