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    Back Home

    We are finally back home. Being back home is both a blessing and not. A blessing because we get back into routine with the little one and not a blessing because I know the winter will be here in no…

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    Road trip to Italy Summer 2018

    On our way, starting of happy, let’s see how it ends 😂 😂 DAY 2 Well, we got off the boat at 22:00(10pm) after a 45 min delay. Since this is a last minute decision vacation we didn’t book a…

  • Glameyes
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    Do You Feel Tricked?

    I do! Sorry but this is wrong! How can they promote it like it’s two separate brushes when in reality it’s only one? And here is the proof As you see in this picture there is no second brush…hahaha the…

  • dusk
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    Another Day Goes By(e)

    So yet another day goes by and I haven’t done squat, and I had plans, I have plans!!  Hubby and kid have left on a 4 day trip to Sweden and I am home trying to get shit done! I…

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    Our Morning Walk – Friday June 29

    Now we are taking our morning walk. Mateo is in daycare and we are walking. This is the only workout I get!! Don’t judge! We walk around this lake, to our shopping center and back home which on the other…