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    Improve Your Creative Thinking

    Improve Your Creative Thinking You know there might be times you find yourself lacking in creativity, the question then becomes, how do you improve your creative thinking? No worries – it’s nothing serious, the lack of your creative thinking can be for different reasons. It could be you haven’t been using your creative muscles regularly and they’ve become hidden (like they have with me 😓). There are many tricks you can use to improve your creative thinking. I have been told (partly experienced on my own) that one of the best ways to keep yourself inspired to create every day is to have rituals in place that you use regularly…

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    My Very First Bullet Journal

    Ok, so now I have to bite the bullet and admit…I have fallen for the Bullet Journey! I have after quite some time come to understand that I need a journal (especially since I was diagnosed with ADHD and them, the doctors, said that I need to use a calendar/journal) I bought a starter journal at Panduro, I have no idea what kind of paper it is or how many pages it is or anything but I will definitely do more research once I have more of an idea of what is needed (for me) and what I wish to do with my journal, like painting with watercolors or not.…