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Corfu-Greece June 18-25-2018

So now I’m back from the event in Stockholm and at 11:49 pm I’m in Corfu, all thanks to my love 😍

Agios Georgios

He bought an unspecified trip for $400 which includes airplane r/t for all 3 of us, a bus ride from the airport to the hotel, the hotel for one week and bus ride from the hotel to the airport to go home. We actually didn’t know if we would end up in Greece or in Albania…lol…Here is the hotel we ended up in Agios Georgios, Corfu Greece.

The name of the hotel is Hotel Likithos Village. It had two floors and a balcony, it was actually really nice.

Day 1

This church looked so nice so I tried to catch what I saw but didn’t manage too well…hahaha

Agios Georgios


This is the pool area for Hotel Likithos Village. There were 3 or 4 pools, I’m not sure actually since we only used the pool area the second day and the day we left.

Day 2

We took a stroll to see what was offered and to familiarise ourselves with the area (something we always do) and took our first bite to eat here at Malibu Taverna

After our food we continued our stroll and found a chill little hotel with a bar and pool like we always do…lol

Day 3

We decided to go on a boat trip. We decided to choose the trips from Kostas Bus Tours   blue lagoon, bathing and a 1 hour and 45 min walk in Sivota town.

All in all, it was a great trip

Day 4

We just walked around, swam in the pool and walked Mateo to sleep. Here are some pictures

Day 5

On so the days go, go and go….

Day 6

Our last night we ate dinner with a lovely couple we met on the boat trip. Here we posed for a selfie and their daughter and our son had a fun time playing…the waiter or owner of the restaurant didn’t mind at all. They even tore up his flowers 🙁


Day 7

Here are the rest of the pictures 🙂







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