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Time Management Battles


Another year has started and I feel if I don’t do something last year will repeat itself!  However I am doing something different I am actually trying medication.


I have started with CBD oil and at the end of the month I am meeting with a therapist who can prescribe medication.

First I am going to talk to him because since I had the stroke I am nervous about taking the regular ADHD medications. Is weird but I have read so many different reviews of people trying all the different medications but from everyone that have left reviews about CBD oil, I have read no negative reactions? 

That is why I have already started trying CBD oil. This is one of the things I’m doing differently this year. It sounds like it can help a lot of people, so why should it be any different for me? As well as looking into CBD oil, my friend told me to have a look at some smokeable cbd products as well, just in case this method works better for me. It’s good to have a variety of options, as you may prefer one way more than the other. I can’t wait to get started on this treatment path this year.

However, I have also signed up for a CBD business that can be done from anywhere but I don’t buy from them since I live in Norway and they are not open in Norway. If you live in the UK, Sweden, Canada, Irland or USA CLICK HERE and take a look.

Time Flies

But time just flies… I keep trying to organize but I never manage, it’s so weird! The days just fly by and so fast it’s scary almost.

I have no other choice than to keep trying to master my time. Ever since I was young I have felt just flies, but after I’ve got the diagnosis ADHD it seems like time has just swiches away.

I need to figure out a way to organize my time and mid last year I decided to try bullet journaling. and I really like the idea of using a bullet journal.

I have not given up on my bullet journal, I am still plugging away and I keep trying to make it a part of me. It’s weird that it’s so hard being that I have always used a planner, although I have always used one doesn’t mean that I have actually always written in it…hahaha…but I have always had a planner.

Before I have always bought planners that have everything filled out, like months, weeks and days etc, now I have to fill in all that and I want to make it nice! I figured I can make it my own but I keep forgetting but I haven’t given up so there you go.

I am determined to change things around this year that means I have to do things that I find uncomfortable but I’m ready.

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